Courtroom Decorum

The dignity of the court is to be respected and maintained at all times.

Attire for counsel and spectators should be restrained and appropriate to the dignity of a court of the United States.

Most courtroom proceedings are recorded either by an official court reporter or by an electronic digital recording system; counsel should be aware that private conversations among individuals at the counsel tables may be picked up by the recording system through the courtroom microphones.

Court Security Officers and court staff are authorized to open and inspect any item carried into a courtroom.

Coatracks in the hallways outside the courtrooms are available.

No recording, broadcasting, or photography is permitted.

No food or drink may be brought into the courtrooms; water is provided at counsel tables.

Repeated entrances and departures are to be avoided.

Doorways and passageways should be kept clear at all times.

No electronic device may be used in any courtroom without advance permission from the presiding judge or special master.