Chief Judge Susan G. Braden

I am pleased to invite you to attend the May 1, 2018 Law Day luncheon of the United States Court of Federal Claims at the Hamilton Hotel, located at 600 14th Street N.W., Washington, D.C. Our Honored Guest Speaker will be Solicitor General Noel Francisco. After serving as a Law Clerk to the late Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, Solicitor General Francisco began legal practice with the law firm, now known as Cooper Kirk, that litigated the Windstar cases before the Court. Thereafter, Solicitor General Francisco served as Associate Counsel to President George W. Bush and later as Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel, in the Department of Justice, before joining the Jones Day law firm as Chair of the Government Regulation Practice. We believe Solicitor General Francisco will bring a unique perspective to this year’s Law Day theme, “Separation of Powers: Framework for Freedom.” Please be sure to register ASAP through the Website link or by calling Aimee Snow at telephone number (202) 357-6416.

At the luncheon Registration Desk, you also will have an opportunity to join the CFC Bar Association on site and obtain the newest SIXTH Edition of the "CFC DESKBOOK FOR PRACTITIONERS" --- an essential reference source for all lawyers who practice before the Court.

As you will see from the most recent Court statistics, the first half of fiscal year 2018 concluded with 462 General Jurisdiction cases filed to date. As such, the Court anticipates this docket will reach the highest level ever in the past 12 years. Likewise, the Court received 87 bid protests during this period, so the bid protest docket is also poised to exceed all past records. Despite this increased case load, I am pleased to report that ALL judges are current and, to date, the Court has issued 221 published, precedential opinions which continues the trend set in fiscal 2017. If the Judges' production continues at this pace, the number of published precedential opinions also will exceed a 12 year high. To compensate for having 6 current active judge vacancies, I recalled 6 Senior Judges this fiscal year, each of whom agreed to assume a 100% docket. Although the Court has not missed a beat, like district courts across the country, we look forward to having nominees confirmed.

On another front, I am pleased to report that on March 24, 2018, Judge Lydia Griggsby received the 2018 Ebone’ Image Award for Judicial and Community Service from The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. Northern Virginia Chapter, at a luncheon held at the Army Navy Club.

And, on March 2, 2018, I received an Award from the Howard University School of Law at the Fifteenth Annual Intellectual Property and Social Justice Conference: "In Recognition and Appreciation for Uncompromising Commitment to Teaching, Mentoring, and Inspiring nascent and accomplished Members of the Bar; to the Progressive Interpretation, Implementation, and Advancement of Intellectual Property Law; and to Inculcating the Highest Aspirations for Equal Access to Justice and Public Service throughout the Legal Profession."

At the Award Ceremony Professor Lateef Mtimia added: "Year after year, Chief Judge Braden makes a personal effort to connect with our explore a wide variety of practice fields of which they may have been unaware--she's determined to spark their professional and intellectual curiosity."

Both of these events are noted in the PRESS OFFICE section of the Court's Web Site, together with press reports about decisions of the Court. This is a new feature on the Web Site that is updated daily with items of interest to your practice and clients. For example, today’s Press Office posts include articles about takings cases handled by Judge Nancy Firestone and Senior Judge Loren Smith. In addition, recent presentations made by Judge Elaine Kaplan and Senior Judge Futey, respectively in London, United Kingdom and Kiev, Ukraine, are featured. Be sure to check out these postings every week to learn about the work of the Court’s Judges.

Finally, the Court’s website has a link to a number of significant rule proposals, including a new Appendix containing proposed Patent Rules. Please review and provide your comments.

See you on May 1.


United States Court of Federal Claims Statistics

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*Fiscal Year 2017 contains two sealed decisions that will be officially published on the Court’s website in early Fiscal Year 2018. Please visit the Court’s website at to view all published decisions.

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