Attorney Discipline Opinions

Pursuant to the Rules of the Court of Federal Claims, Rule 83.2(l)(2), the final order or opinion in any attorney discipline case that results in a public reprimand, suspension, or disbarment will be made publicly available in PDF form below beginning January 1, 2016. Attorney discipline orders and opinions issued prior to that date are available to the public upon in-person request at the Clerk's Office.

Attorney Discipline Opinions

In re Cory Brent Kaye No. 18-11217

In re William Stephen Paleos No. 17-11210

In re Omar W. Rosales No. 17-11208

In re John T. Burch No. 17-11207

In re Randy McRae No. 17-11206

In re J. Michael Farrell No. 17-11205

In re Richard Allen Moore, II No. 17-11203

In re John Thomas Kennedy No. 17-11204

In re Mark Allenbaugh No. 15-11181

In re James Edward Griswold No. 16-11200

In re Jerry Gruenbaum No. 16-11201

In re Lynn Hubbard, III No. 17-11202

In re Kathy D. Bailey No. 16-11199

In re Norman Orville Scott, No. 16-11197

In re Judson Thomas Farley, No. 14-11175

In re Kenneth H. Rosenau, No. 16-11195

In re Phillip C. Zane, No. 15-11188

In re Richard J. Kwasny, No. 16-11193

In re Stuart A. Schlesinger, No. 16-11192

In re Athanasios Basdekis, No. 15-11191

In re Alexander Djordjevich, No. 15-11187

In re Wayne R. Hartke, No. 15-11190

In re Howell R. Riggs No. 15-11185

In re Jay A. Bansal No. 15-11189

In re James Ferrell, No. 13-11166

In re Gerald I. Katz, No. 15-11186

In re Earle Arthur Partington No. 17-11212

In re Cynthia Malyszek No. 17-11213

In re Karen H. Ross No. 18-11223

In re Kevin T. Olszewski No. 15-11182

In re Eugene A. Shapiro No. 15-11183

In re Joseph W. Rasnic No. 15-11184

In re Mark David Frankel No. 15-11196

In re Stephanie J. Hartley No. 15-11252

In re Richard Murray No. 18-11218

In re Jeffrey D. Moffatt No. 16-11198

In re David L. Rose No. 17-11211

In re Kenneth A. Rubin No. 18-11216

In re Patricia Joan Barry No. 18-11221

In re Jerry Mack Douglas, Jr.,  No. 19-11226

In re Justin Alan Torres, No. 19-11227

In re John Michael Cassell, No. 19-11228

In re Gregory Gilbert, No. 19-11229

In re Charles A. Murray, No. 19-11231

In re James DelSordo, No. 19-11232

In re Athan T. Tsimpedes, No. 19-11233

In re Jahangir Ghobadi, No. 19-11234


Reinstatement Orders

Kenneth A. Martin 13-11157

Kenneth A. Martin 13-11157

Karen H. Ross 18-11223